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Everyone extremely nice and helpful.
Go the extra mile to make you feel special/wanted.
On time.


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Great Staff! 
Very informative. Very patient with my 1 million questions.
They takes the time to explain everything and never seems bothered by my questions/inquiries.
They are ALWAYS pleasant on the phone. And I change my appointments often due to conflicts with work schedules and other appts. It makes my experiences much less intimidating for a person that is brand new to all these procedures, etc.
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Amber B

“This was more than I had expected when she gave me a dermabrasion for not just my face but neck and chest area!, mot only that she gave me an excellent massage for my face, arms , shoulders and neck!!! Unbelieveably relaxing! 8 have had dermabraions at otger salons that did not offer this! A great value for $75! My skin looks and feels awesome. She also did a honey oat mask on my face. I will no doubt come back to Valerie in the future.”

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Cindy K

“I absolutely love your employees. They make you feel as if they have known you as friends forever. Valerie has been my go to girl. But, I have had the privilege of getting to know your other employees and I’m completely sold on getting anything done by anyone in your office, medical wise. Thank you for having a terrific place to come to.”

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Rita T

“I absolutely love Skinique Med Spa. The staff is very professional and caring. Their techniques are gentle and reassuring. I knew I was getting a perfect treatment. We have so much fun! I leave there feeling rejuvenated and younger looking! YEAYY!!Thank you Skinique Med Spa!”

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Holly D

“Love this wonderful Spa. It is something I look forward to and love sharing with everyone I know. Valerie is very professional and very talented. The Spa itself is clean, beautiful and relaxing. I have learned so much about taking good care of my skin for a lifetime and not just to look pretty but to actually nurture my skin. Skinique is a wonderful place to learn and achieve great results!”

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Pam P

“Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about things that I might be interested in in the future. Very friendly staff and very helpful with great information”

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Susan A

Skinique is simply awesome! They are dedicated to what they do. As she treats you she has a caring spirit, makes you feel as if she is you. She spent long hours with me on my Coolsculpting and I am so appreciative, I felt comfortable as if I was at home. That speaks volumes … I am a true Southern Belle. Thanks again and keep doing what you’re doing, you are the best in my eyes.”

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Barbara H

“My appointments with Valeri were great. Her experience and expertise gave me confidence my hard earned money was well spent. My results have given me a fresh confidence in my appearance. Their location is great too.”

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