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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Fort Worth

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures is laser hair removal. For this reason Skinique Medspa utilizes the most modern and state of the art laser Cutera Cool Glide to help our clients remove hair from any unwanted area upon their body.

The laser hair removal procedure works by targeting hair in the follicles at the source of their growth, which impairs new hair growth as well as damaging already existing hair. The procedure uses rapid pulse lasers and the technician uses a cooling gel to stop the laser from damaging the skin. Below are some areas where we have used the Cuter Cool Glide Laser:

  • Face – Unwanted lip, chin and eyebrow hair can all be removed with the treatment.
  • Back – Unsightly back hair is commonly requested for removal.
  • Legs – An effective way to eliminate the need for shaving on daily or weekly basis.
  • Forearm – Thick forearm hair is oftentimes dark and perfect for removal.
  • Bikini Line – Keeping a clean bikini line is important for a sexy look at the beach.
  • Brazilian – For a more modern look patients oftentimes elect for a full hair removal in the private area.
  • Underarm – Save yourself the time of constant shaving and remove unwanted underarm hair.

The best candidates for the procedure have darker pigmented hair than their skin. Individuals with fair skin and dark hair fair the best. Unlike temporary methods like waxing and shaving, hair removal procedures like the Cutera Coolglide Laser is a more permanent solution to dealing with the problem of unwanted body hair.

The reason we use Cutera Coolglide Laser is because unlike the other laser within the marketplace this laser system is excellent for light and dark hair and all skin tones.

Why Skinique Laser Hair Removal?

The effectiveness of the treatment is dependent on several factors and since multiple procedures may be required it’s important to go to a clinic that you trust. Skinique Med Spa here in Fort Worth Texas is prepared to help you with all your laser hair removal needs, you can reach us either online or by phone to get questions answered and schedule a free consultation today.