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Skinique Slimshots

A lipotropic shot of B-12 injections are not new by any means, but they are gaining popularity among people looking to lose weight and stay in shape. For The Lipo-B injection is an organic shot that is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, along with powerful amino acids that help boost strength and liver function. Thus in turn help the liver eliminate toxins from the body and fat.

Will The B-12 Shots Work for Everyone?

A majority of all people that receive the shots report a noticeable reduction of fat in the body. More important than fat loss, the shots help to promote an overall healthy body and metabolism. When incorporated into a patient’s lifestyle with other healthy activities like a good diet, rest and exercise, the shots have the most powerful effect.

Along with the health benefits the shots are relatively cheap and 100% safe since they are made from all natural ingredients.

Why Skinique Slimshots?

At Skinique Medspa, we care about our patients. Our trusted team is well experienced in all forms of health and wellness. We also specialize in almost every form of modern rejuvenation. We take our patients needs serious and always strive 100% satisfaction.