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CoolSculpting vs Ultrashape

A patient looking to shape their body may be considering non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction procedures to remove the bulges of fat located on their body. You may be considering the two most known non-surgical procedures, and what the difference is with CoolSculpting vs Ultrashape. Both are non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction solutions, but there are a number of differences between the two procedures.

The key difference between Ultrashape and CoolSculpting is how they work. CoolSculpting uses a cooling technique, while Ultrashape uses ultrasound technology.

Ultrashape has been FDA-approved as a non-invasive body shaping procedure that does not use any heating or cooling technology. Instead, Ultrashape uses focused, pulsed ultrasound energy to selectively destroy fat cells. Bursts of energy target the fat cells. The gentle ultrasound destroys the fat cells, releasing them as triglycerides which pass through the liver and are eliminated from the body. Over a period of a few weeks, the fat cells exit the body without damaging the surrounding tissue or nerves. After three sessions, patients will start to experience changes in their body.

During an Ultrashape procedure, the doctor places a handheld device onto the area of treatments. It sends acoustic waves of focused ultrasonic energy to the target fat cells, shaking their membranes until they are forced to collapse. A typical treatment can last an hour or less, depending on the size of the treated area.


CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved non-invasive, cooling body procedure. CoolSculpting uses a precise, controlled cooling technique to destroy fat cells. The cooling will crystallize, or freeze, the fat cells in the body. As they freeze, they will die away and pass through the body’s natural waste process. In as little as three weeks, patients report seeing results after their first treatment.

During a CoolSculpting procedure, an applicator is placed onto the area that needs to be treated. A controlled cooling is performed on the target area. A vacuum device holds in the area that needs to be targeted to ensure the correct fat is being targeted. As the cooling is applied, the fat freezes and starts to die away, released from the body. One treatment can take anywhere from 35 minutes to about an hour depending on the treated location.

CoolSculpting has been proven to work with its hundreds and thousands of patients. The fat cells don’t need to rely on being resolved into triglycerides: they freeze and immediately leave the body after they’re frozen. They don’t go through a transforming process that you hope leaves your body through your liver. Not only that, but there are no scars or discoloration due to CoolSculpting.

With CoolSculpting, there is a 20-25% reduction in fat from the targeted area. The fat cells are gone for good and won’t come back.

CoolSculpting Difference

While CoolSculpting and Ultrasound start to show results around the same time frame, Ultrashape usually requires three sessions before you will see the best results, where CoolSculpting can show results in as little as 3 weeks after your first treatment. With CoolSculpting, some patients don’t even need more than one treatment for their body goals to form. It always depends on the patient and their goals. CoolSculpting can remove fat faster as long as the correct applicator is used. Ultrashape is better for smaller areas.

While Ultrashape reports to have no side effects because it is virtually “painless”, some patients have reported to have a pain during their treatment. They have also mentioned discomfort during the procedure, skin irritation, bruising, skin irregularities, and even blisters. They report having swelling and redness in the treated area.

Unlike Ultrashape that claims to be painless, We want our patients to know what to expect from CoolSculpting. While there is initial discomfort with the CoolSculpting treatment, it subsides as the treatment continues and allows you to relax during your treatment. The CoolSculpting downtime gives you the opportunity to read, use your phone, or even nap.

According to RealSelf, real patients of CoolSculpting and Ultrashape have rated whether or not the procedures are wroth the prices and time for your results. Real patients reported that CoolSculpting is more worth it than Ultrashape with almost a 3% difference in customers. That is a big difference when it comes to your body, your results, and your money.

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A Million Reasons to Get a Lift

A Million Reasons to Get a Lift . What’s Your Reason?

Women around the world are discovering their own reasons for getting a nonsurgical lift with Ultherapy®. What’s yours?

Reason # 1. It lifts and tightens

Reason # 2. Ultherapy® builds collagen and elastin.

Reason # 3. It is also considered a foundational treatment building collagen before the laxity begins!

Ultherapy® uses the power of ultrasound to lift and tighten your neck, chin and brow, and smooth fine lines on your décolletage. The results are gradual and natural, which is reason enough!

Just in case you need another reason..

Did you know Ultherapy® has reached a millstone achievement of conducting ONE MILLION treatments globally? It was launched in 2008, and since has been a World-Wide  game-changer lifting and tightening skin with its cutting-edge technology!  The revolutionary treatment is still the first and only treatment FDA-cleared to non-invasively lift the eyebrow, neck, and chin, and to improve lines and wrinkles on the décolletage via micro-focused ultrasound. Ultherapy® also conforms to the European level of quality and safety for medical devices.  

“It is no surprise that Ultherapy® has reached one million treatments worldwide – it is a favorite treatment that I recommend to patients requesting skin lifting and tightening,” stated Dr. Doris Day, board certified dermatologist and founder of Day Dermatology and Aesthetics. “The technology not only naturally stimulates collagen growth and provides visible results, but also little to no downtime post treatment.”

Making the treatment even more popular among physicians, Ultherapy® is the only cosmetic procedure to use ultrasound imaging, which allows physicians to see the layers of tissue targeted during the treatment to ensure the energy is deposited where it will be most beneficial. This unique technology is supported by more than 50 clinical studies, more than 60 published, peer-reviewed papers, and over 100 patents.



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CoolSculpting, an amazing, non-invasive, Harvard-scientist-developed procedure offered by Skinique, uses cooling technology to freeze and eliminate fat cells (leaving other cells unharmed) – and it’s the latest Hollywood rage.

Molly Sims

As an official spokesperson for the brand, the model-turned-actress says CoolSculpting helped her deal with leftover abdominal fat after two pregnancies. “There was no downtime. It’s perfect for busy moms!” Sims said in an interview with Vanity Fair. “I had a wonderful experience, and I plan on doing it again.” (With a third baby on the way, we don’t doubt that she will!)

Jennifer Aniston

It’s hard to believe someone so seemingly flawless as this former Friends star would possess an ounce of stubborn fat on her body, but word on the Sunset Strip is that Aniston, who told InStyle she “loves lasers and non-invasive treatments,” has used CoolSculpting to target some trouble areas. With zero knives or needles involved, she certainly chose the right procedure!

Khloé Kardashian

This reality star has really transformed her look, slimming down and toning up through diet and exercise – and a little CoolSculpting, to boot. The 32-year-old told New Beauty magazine that, though she’s still a “Botox virgin,” she has “done CoolSculpting and treatments for the stretch marks on my butt.” (Rumour has it that her equally if not more famous sister, Kim, loves the fat-freezing treatment, too.)

Ali Landry

Not even a former beauty queen and model can escape the hard-to-beat blubber that can come with age. Landry underwent an hour-long (and surprisingly relaxing) CoolSculpting treatment on behalf of E! News, with specific focus on her belly. “I always had to wear Spanx to suck it in,” she said of her so-called “pooch,” adding that she could detect a difference immediately. “Two months later … I can see my waist again!”

Lindsay Lohan

About to undergo a second CoolSculpting treatment at a London skin clinic to the stars, this once-controversial actress gave a raving testimonial on YouTube. “My love of all things cryo just went up a notch,” she revealed, referring to cryolipolysis, or cold-assisted fat breakdown. “We don’t always want to go to the gym all the time but there’s a balance to it … so I’m really excited about this.”

Mariah Carey

Though Carey can be selective about what she reveals when it comes to maintaining her figure (though she recently did spill about a strange diet that consists solely of Norwegian salmon and capers), an unnamed source close to the curvy chanteuse told Radar that part of Carey’s slimmed-down look of late can be attributed to CoolSculpting.

There you have it – six stunning stars who count on CoolSculpting to keep their bodies beautiful. Ready to learn more? Contact the specialists at Skinique today!

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CoolSculpting Gets Cleared for Yet Another Area

Today, CoolSculpting announced its latest FDA-clearance, and this time it’s for the arms—a big win for those who have always hidden under long-sleeve tops and battled bingo arms.
“There are 29 million people in the U.S. interested in CoolSculpting, with more than 14 million expressing concern about unwanted arm fat, making arms the third most popular area for consideration of noninvasive fat reduction,” says Mark Foley, president, and CEO of ZELTIQ. We think that’s reason enough to push the treatment, which uses a special cooling technology to target fat cells and eliminate them, into the realm of arm perfecters.
The brand, which offers various applicators, will also be launching the CoolAdvantage Petite applicator to be used in the upper part of the arms, which purportedly will treat the area in 35 minutes.
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Ultherapy FAQs

1. Is Ulthera a laser treatment, and how does it work?  Ulthera actually uses focused ultrasound to deliver energy below the skin to initiate new collagen development.  After the treatment the body experiences a natural wound healing process which results in healthier collagen fibers that reduce skin laxity.  Ultherapy was recently named the Best In Office Treatment in NewBeauty’s Annual Beauty Choice Awards.
2. Where can Ulthera be used?  Ulthera has the first an only clearance to lift skin on the neck, under the chin, and above the brow noninvasively.
3. How long does it take to see the effects?  During an Ulthera treatment multiple depths of the skin/collagen layer are treated so you can see an immediate change right after the treatment.  However the full noticeable effects take place over the course of 90 days as the collagen begins to rebuild.
4. What is the treatment like?  Ultherapy is a noninvasive treatment often referred to as the “Lunch-time Lift”  Treatment areas are identified by the medical providers and various transducers are used on certain areas of the face based on the depth treated.
5. How much downtime will I have with this treatment?  One of the biggest advantages of Ultherapy is the no down time.  Patients can go about their regular busy schedule without anyone knowing they have had a treatment.
6. When should I consider having Ulthera done?  Unlike other lasers who require you to avoid the sun, Ultherapy is a great treatment that can be performed year-around.
7. How long do the effects of the treatment last?  Although there is no specific time scale for how long the benefits last, patients are educated on how we are making structural changes to their underlying collagen.  Over time as we age, the collagen will continue to breakdown, and the same would occur with your skin and structure if you were to undergo plastic surgery for a lift.
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Everyone extremely nice and helpful.
Go the extra mile to make you feel special/wanted.
On time.


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Great Staff! 
Very informative. Very patient with my 1 million questions.
They takes the time to explain everything and never seems bothered by my questions/inquiries.
They are ALWAYS pleasant on the phone. And I change my appointments often due to conflicts with work schedules and other appts. It makes my experiences much less intimidating for a person that is brand new to all these procedures, etc.
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Why SkinPen? Results with Little or no Downtime

Some compare the SkinPen results to or even better than painful laser treatments or skin peels that require days of downtime. Although micro-needling has been around, the SkinPen is superior technology applied to this same procedure. It is able to stimulate your skins natural ability to produce new collagen, which can provide an enhanced overall appearance of the skin.
The SkinPen Can Improve:
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Skin tone
• Skin texture
• Acne scars
• Hyperpigmentation
• Stretch marks
• Sun damage
As we age, our fibroblast activity slows down and our dermal barrier becomes increasingly compromised. The SkinPen addresses this for all parts of the body and is able to be used on most skin types, including darker skin. The most popular treatment areas are the face, décolletage, hands, and abdomen for stretch marks.
The procedure is painless for most and at worst can simply be described as annoying. With a topical numbing cream applied first the SkinPen feels equivalent to a cat licking your face with a rough tongue.   The practitioner is able to adjust the depth of the micro-needling channeling treatment depending on your comfort level, goals, and skin type. The unique design of the SkinPen allows for individualized settings, which makes the treatment very comfortable for most everyone. The procedure takes 60-90 minutes depending on areas treated.
One of the many benefits of the SkinPen is the ability to be social after treatment. Mineral makeup can and be applied to conceal any redness. Some heal completely in 24 hours while others might be pink for a couple of days.
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Review of Norvell All Natural Spray Tanning Solution

Choosing the right solution for you can be harder than you imagined. There are so many choices! Being informed about the different solutions on the market today can help you make an informed decision.
What is Norvell Spray Tan Solution?

Norvell is a custom designed sunless tanning solution made from all natural ingredients. This high quality spray solution results in a beautiful bronze tan in a matter of minutes. It dries quickly, allowing for a streak free, natural looking “just off the beach” tan. If you want to achieve a natural golden color, Norvell is a great choice for you.
Does the solution smell?

Top of the line Norvell solution has a raspberry almond scent, which is much more appealing than other spray tan solutions that leave a musty smell. Customers love the scent of raspberry and almond extract and feel more confident out in public post spray.

Is it bad for me or my skin?

The Norvell sunless tanning solution contains breakthrough micro-nutrient technology that delivers a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants. The natural product contains moisturizing Aloe Vera in Purified De-Mineralized Water, Hawaiian Sea Extract, Sea Kelp and Vitamin C. All these ingredients nourish the skin and extend the life of the tan. All Norvell spray tanning solution are paraben free and there are Norvell organic spray tanning solutions available.

Is my skin too light or dark for the solution?

The natural formula works with the skin creating a customized shade of color every time. There is no skin shade that will not work with the spray tanning solution and you can choose from a variety of color options, ranging from original to double dark. All of the Norvell spray tanning solutions result in a natural bronze color, giving you a healthy sun kissed tan.

Can I apply the Norvell spray tan solution myself?

for professional use only, so please do not apply it yourself. The spray tan solution is designed for use in all airbrush and HVLP equipment regardless of manufacturer, so all spray tan technicians should be able to use it. Technicians are encouraged to wear gloves and filtering masking during application and to thoroughly read the Norvell Sunless Technicians Manual prior to application.

What should I expect?

The DHA, an active ingredient in the solution that is derived from glycerin, interacts with the amino acids in the skin cells producing a color change. The DHA bronzer will begin to activate within 2-4 hours after application, producing a beautiful bronze tan. Full DHA results develop within 18-24 hours and should last approximately 5-7 days. Norvell also carries a one hour sunless tanning solution that contains a proprietary amino acid propulsion system to boost rapid tan development, allowing you to achieve a bronze color in an hour flat.

Will the solution stain my hair or clothes?

The solution may temporarily stain really light hair, so wearing a cap is recommended. It may also stain wool, spandex, lycra, silks or other fine fabrics, but the solution is easily removed with regular machine wash. Wearing dark, loose clothing to your tanning session is encouraged.

Does it contain sunscreen?

Norvell does not contain sunscreen, therefore it will not protect you against the sun’s rays. It is solely for cosmetic purposes and it recommended that users apply a high SPF sunscreen after the solution has fully developed and one shower has been taken.

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