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A healthy weight can be a long term battle for several people. Often time weight is an issue starting at a young age and progresses to be a bigger problem throughout the life stages. Weight loss needs to be supervised by medically trained professionals to offer individual care along the life transformation journey.

Skinique aides patient lose weight with a noninvasive medical guided assistance in a safe and realistic way. Weight loss must be seen as a long term goal that will require maintenance and healthy lifestyle changes.

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Sydney was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She attended East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma on an athletic scholarship as a member of the ECU women's soccer team. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.

Upon completing her undergraduate studies, she then went on to earn her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies degree from Texas Tech University Health Science Center. Sydney likes to stay very active, and is extremely passionate about health and fitness. In her spare time she plays soccer, and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Weight Loss Consists of Three Basic Factors:

Diet and food intake - Realistic dietary changes is half the battle of a whole life transformation. Our goal is to educate patients how to eat healthy to lose weight and maintain.

Exercise - Get moving! The other big component in weight loss is taking the first steps to a healthier you. Exercise looses inches and clothes sizes. At Skinique, we can help patients determine the best course of action in terms of exercise.

Behavioral Counseling/Modification- Change starts with you. The patient has to want to change for successful weight loss. Our team at Skinique specializes in helping motivate patients to achieve their goals in a realistic time frame. While patients work on the physical aspect of healthy living, our practitioner will help to identify causes of weight gain such as coping mechanisms and/or medical conditions that may be affecting the patient's weight.

How Do We Help Clients Achieve Weight Loss?

Weight loss is tailored to the individuals needs. The first step is to start with a physical exam, EKG, body composition analysis, and labs. Next we look at:

  • Diet and exercise changes
  • Vitamin supplements injections
  • Coaching and motivation
  • Appetite suppressant

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