This power pairing of full-size lip plumping and enhancing products helps reclaim lip volume and smooths the appearance of fine lines.

That's vital, because over time, lips experience a loss of volume and definition as hyaluronic acid production slows and skin's ability to retain moisture decreases.

Now your lips look more like the lips you once knew. More plumped. Smooth and supple. Fuller, yet natural-looking, with visibly enhanced color.



Jumpstart Phase: 5x5

Continuous Plumping

First 5 days: Apply 5 layers in the morning and 5 layers at night. One click per application.

For the first five days, apply five layers both AM and PM for a rapid acceleration of results. Start at center of lips and work towards corners, staying inside the lip line. Give each layer a few seconds to fully absorb before applying the next layer. We recommend patch testing prior to use.

Apply 1 layer at least 3 times a day. 

For best results, consistent and frequent use is key. After the first 5 days, apply one layer at least 3 times a day. Pair with moisturizing Lip Conditioner.


  • Patent-pending Subtopical Delivery Technology™ infuses hyaluronic acid within the lips
  • Increases lip definition and leaves lips feeling supple
  • Smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles for lips that appear more youthful
  • Instantly enhances lip color which helps create a natural, fuller look
  • Absorbs quickly so you can layer lip conditioner, lipstick or other lip products on top

Clinical Proof

  • 91% of users said lips are smoother and look more defined after 2 weeks**
  • 100% of users had fuller, plumper lips in just 3 weeks*
  • 93% of users agreed lips feel naturally full after 3 weeks**
  • 87% of users had improved contours after the 5-day jump start*
  • 98% of users had more contoured lips, in just 3 weeks*

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