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5 Anti-Aging Tips for Men

If you're trying to fight off Father Time, there are certain tips you should follow and there are certain tips you shouldn't. That's why we put together this list of the most common mistakes men make when it comes to fighting wrinkles and other aging signs.

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If you're doing any of the following, stop. You're doing more harm than good to your skin.

Not moisturizing enough

You should be moisturizing at least once a day every day - no ifs, ands or buts. Moisturizing does more than just keep your skin hydrated; it's also effective in fighting off aging signs. Hydrated skin is more likely to maintain its elasticity, which significantly reduces your chances of noticeable wrinkles and other signs of aging. Make sure you choose a moisturizer with advanced vitamins like MenScience Advanced Face Lotion to avoid acne breakouts.

Neglecting your hair

Believe it or not, your hair - and not just the stuff on your head — plays a huge role in how old you look. If you let yourself get too shaggy, you risk looking much older than you really are. Conversely, a baby face might make you look too young. Play around with different haircuts and facial hair styles to find a look that works for you.

Eating the wrong foods

Junk food is bad for you in more ways than one. Not only does it make you gain weight, but it's also lacking in essential nutrients like antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that can help repair free radical damage that contributes to the formation of wrinkles and other skin problems. Instead of reaching for that candy bar or slice of pizza, opt for antioxidant-rich foods like berries and oranges. You may also want to consider supplementing your diet with an antioxidant formula.

Stressing out too much

It's understandable to stress out about things, but prolonged stress can do a number not only on your skin but also on your overall health; prolonged stress has been linked to heart problems and other serious conditions. You'll not only look older but feel older as well. If you find yourself stressing out too much for too long, you should consider seeking professional help.

Not using a specialized anti-aging creams

You'll find that there are multiple all-purpose creams that tout anti-aging benefits. These are great if you like poor results. Instead, opt for a lotion that is specially designed to fight wrinkles and aging signs to get the best results and turn back the clock.

Click Here to read the full article by MenSience Blog

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