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Fall & Winter 2014 Beauty Trends

With Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week already underway for spring and summer 2015 and the first day of fall steadily fast approaching on September 22, now is a better time than ever to review the top trends for fall and winter 2014 beauty.


Skin stays illuminated for fall and winter, never falling flat or dull. Bronzer is even welcomed this season using it to help sculpt the face. Highlighter used on cheekbones warms up the skin to not look as frigid as it may be outside. Natural shades of blush are used mostly now, or a varied shade of merlot for those deep winter months.


Color is no longer just for the spring and summer months. Any shade of blue on the—either applied as a shadow, thick winged liner, or smudged along the bottom lash line would make clients perfectly on trend. Metallic silver, bronze and gold liquid shadows and liners are a must for winter. Match clients' eyelids to the way snow sparkles and they'll be sure to shine at any holiday party.

Liner goes wide this season—seen on the runways, forget the perfect winged cat eye. Go over and out with eyeliner— over the crease and out past the eyebrow. Use the same color liquid liner to fill in the eyes—think of a teardrop shape, but sideways. This eye trend looks like poised drama.

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The look for lips this season is very much dependent on what's happening with the eyes. With so much drama happening with eyes, it's best to keep lips subtle. If it is a simple black wing lining the eyes then go for lipstick shades of burgundy, velvet purple or even classic red.

Natural lips were everywhere during Fashion Week, all changing in tone to match the model's natural skin tone. If browns start to bore clients, layer a shimmery pink gloss on top or go for matte pale pink lips.


Nude nails are your new BFF. The understated look never seemed so chic. After all these past seasons of nail art, nude nails are the unexpected punch to any outfit. There are so many options in the nude family to fit anyone's style—sheer baby pink, light tan, dark tan, even brown polishes are all the right shades.

Classic red nail polish—the perfect power color is good year round, but in the winter months. Just be careful not to reach for the red with orange undertones— that's more of a summer fire-red. Reds that border on brown undertones are much more fall and winter-friendly.Nail art is more refined for this fall and winter. Try a simple stripe down a nail, off center is all the better. Simple half moon manicures are amped up by pairing metallic shades with shimmer free polish. Metallic nail polish is artsy enough for fall and winter.

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