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Courtney Admits to Using Botox

The amazing Courtney Cox is among the best actresses in Hollywood and one of our favorites. She also happens to be very pretty. She's gorgeous, as well as being one of the cast of friends from the 90's television show. In this article on Skinique Med Spa, you will hear about Courtney Coxes admission to using Botox which is surprisingly refreshing.

Let's take an honest and exclusive look into the fabulous life of the wonderful Courtney Cox.

She talks of Botox and recalls the exact moment when she first used the miracle treatment.

Courtney states that she sometimes uses that she uses Botox from time to time. She does admit that she overdid it one time and couldn't move her face. She swears she felt trapped in her own skin and didn't know what to do. She also said she doesn't typically have any issues with her self-image and the way she views it is if the Botox makes you feel better about yourself and is professionally done, than great.

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Skinique's Final Verdict on Courtney Coxes Admission to Using Botox

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